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I'll read almost anything and love what captures my imagination. Best of all is responding to books in the larger cultural sense, loving or loathsome. Literature should have a place in the wider world.


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The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson

Well, the second part wasn't as annoying as the first, mostly because it was a lot more plotty. Elend was no less lame, and I'm starting to seriously question how Sanderson sees the world (at least in terms of politics and society and how they function), but you know, lots of stuff happens.


The POV shifts between the main two characters are fine, aside from how Elend is boring and useless on his own, but the random chapters from side characters are a little jarring. And Sazed's first uses his magic powers to literally info dump at the audience for a while which was so annoying and not compelling I just skimmed his section to the plot again. 


Still, even with things happening, the actual plot is moving pretty slowly. Elend was finally just [spoiler]deposed[/spoiler] at the end of part 2 (I think it's the longest part in the book), because he got so busy doing his own thing he forgot he actually set up an actually government. But I'm the king! he objects. This was the part where I start to question Sanderson's political ideals here, because Elend is in the wrong and the Assembly is pretty right. Sure the characters have justifications, but they aren't exactly communicating them to anyone else, nor are they doing a great job of governmenting. Dissent and disorder shouldn't exactly be a surprise at this point.


Worst of all is Vin freaking out about her relationship. I guess I can see it from her character, but it's still a chore to read when she's so much more useful than her boyfriend in every way. Even from her character back story it doesn't make sense for her to worship Elend like she does. It's really rather uncomfortable the way she demeans herself for him. I have no idea where that's even supposed to be going, either for character building or plot reasons. Because romances need conflict? But it doesn't even sound like a relationship that works.


Oh well, at least I'm near half way through the book and it's not a chore to read or anything. It's just much easier to nikpick than compliment because fun as is just fun. The world building is well, it is, and the plot moves. Those are just really hard things to give any real word count to. That doesn't mean I think the book is bad so far. So far. :P

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