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I'll read almost anything and love what captures my imagination. Best of all is responding to books in the larger cultural sense, loving or loathsome. Literature should have a place in the wider world.


And I'm another GoodReads refugee. 

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor - Robert Kirkman, Jay Bonansinga Received from Goodreads' First Reads!First, I must confess, I somehow missed everything this book was actually about when I applied (I think I just liked the cover that much). I wanted something different from my usual tastes--I've never read a zombie book or even seen a zombie movie, and clearly, this counts as different--but I completely missed that it is part of an already established fictional universe. I don't even read comic books.But I just joined the local library's book group, which recommended for October a book "outside your comfort zone" and scary. Since my reading comfort zone is very large The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor arrived just in time!And I enjoyed it.So okay, I questioned some of the world-building logic, and wasn't impressed with the quality of the very few female characters (Penny doesn't really count as a character), but the suspense ratcheted along and I was invested in the characters even though they were all despicable in one way or another or every way at once. And it even took me by surprise, in a good way. It managed to reverse my expectations of who the identity of The Governor was TWICE. Nicely done, authors. Overall: Chilling and thrilling, with a solid 'ending'* on a note of horror.*I guess this first in a trilogy? Or is it 3-in-1, because there are three sections? I thought it wrapped up its story neatly enough at the end, since the plot is effectively a character study underneath all the gore. But maybe those more familiar with the audience would know better.

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