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I'll read almost anything and love what captures my imagination. Best of all is responding to books in the larger cultural sense, loving or loathsome. Literature should have a place in the wider world.


And I'm another GoodReads refugee. 

Austenland - Shannon Hale Okay, so this wasn't a great work of "Literature", but it was so much fun! Can't remember why, exactly, I checked it out, because quite honestly I'm not a fan of most of the Jane Austen-obsessed women of many contemporary chic-lit romances, but I did just read Hale's Princess Academy which was fantastic, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that she can pull of a contemporary adult romance as well. Now, I was concerned right at the beginning when the main character says she loved all of Austen's novels except Northanger Abbey—but then again, when I think about it, that's practically a plot point (if you know Austen, and know how these romances tend to work, you may guess what point Hale's making). As for myself, I can only work up a cackling joy Murder at Mansfield Park. Must. Have.Anyway.Jane (the character) is great fun: warm and friendly, semi-aware of her issues but just not quite able to overcome her obsession with fantasy Darcy/Firth. She even got me laughing aloud several times, and finished it in one night. Even if you don't much like romances, I think you can read this: just pay attention to all the clever parallels Hale pulls over to Austen's own work. A great homage.

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